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Demolition Can Be Fun – NestorBars

February 9, 2017


People like wrecking things and I admit, it’s kind of fun. Maybe it’s in our nature. I’m thinking about the kids on the beach destroying a newly built sand castle. Boys will be boys but in the meantime here’s a tool in two sizes (lengths) 36″ and 42″, in stock, that will make any demolition […]


July 24, 2015



What Spandex Does For Clothes, ZipSystem Stretch Tape Does For Tricky Joints.

April 8, 2015


Tight clothes may really look good on some of us but personally I might have to hold my breath all day. Ugh! I love that stretch fabrics are used in clothes these days. I can move easily and not feel so constrained. Clothes that stretch with us, allows for deep cleansing breaths from our stomachs […]

Good Marketing – Shedding Light on Sound Reduction Insulation

April 2, 2015


Sometimes there is substantial data to support beliefs about a product and sometimes it’s just marketing that convinces us even when the data doesn’t support it. We’ve sort of written about this subject before. The scenario: Marvin (name made up), a homeowner, calls dealer A and asks for a sound insulation that he read about on the […]

Insulation and Sound Ratings – STC Ratings

April 17, 2013


We get this type of question often, “do you have (fill in the name brand) sound insulation?” The short answer is, “not really.”  Fiberglass batts do not have an STC rating on their own, no matter what the package says it is. STC ratings are indicated for the system, not components of a system. Having […]

Boards for the Shore

April 8, 2013


Glass Block Ugly Ducklings All Grown Up

April 4, 2013


When I started in this business a million years ago, (1966) bow windows with diamond grids were the rage. My former employer, Lucas Lumber, assembled Bilt-Best components in their own shop and made their own heads and seats. I can’t say that bows have made their way back yet (thank goodness) but so many things […]