Scam Alert – January 2016

Posted on January 22, 2016


A New York lumber dealer recently has been the target of a similar “Canstruct” scam. If you are unfamiliar with the scam please click on the link to the story. Please be alert to the common signs to a potential scam.

They hire and independent carrier to pick up materials who knows nothing about the transaction itself. He’s hired to pick up goods and may not be part of the scam or may be a victim as well.

  • Long distance ordering by email or phone
  • Standard materials like CDX sheathing and roof shingles
  • Multiple credit cards used to pay for the materials
  • Major spelling errors in the request for materials
  • Lack of industry knowledge and standard terminology
  • Independent carrier picking up material with no knowledge about the job

Remember that if it’s an out-of-the-blue order of this type, it might be a scam. Take extra steps to check the person ordering, the job and payment(s)