What Spandex Does For Clothes, ZipSystem Stretch Tape Does For Tricky Joints.

Posted on April 8, 2015


Tight clothes may really look good on some of us but personally I might have to hold my breath all day. Ugh! I love that stretch fabrics are used in clothes these days. I can move easily and not feel so constrained. Clothes that stretch with us, allows for deep cleansing breaths from our stomachs and tight fitting clothes don’t easily let us to do that.

Buildings move and creak but need to breathe and cleanse too. Movement, however, can eventually cause air leaks that drive up the cost of heating and cooling. We know after many years of trial and error that closing up the building too much causes problems. Building science now designs for air movement in a way that keeps the envelope working like it should while saving energy. ZipSystem Stretch Tape not only solves taping those tricky joints and curves in a single piece but moves with the building just like my jeans do.

stretch tape



Written by Alice Deeny