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Energy Max and Smooth Operator Review

April 25, 2012


We’ve seen it and we like it! The new Smooth Operator hydraulic arms of the Energy Max stair made this new stair easier to open.  We also compared its closing. The spring operated door slammed shut—hard—and was loud. The new Smooth Operator hydraulic arms allowed us to let the door go while the door continued to close […]

The Beer’s On Us

April 16, 2012


We’ve cleaned the parking lot and warehouse. Join us for our open house and BBQ while you check out new products and new faces. The beer’s on us!   April 17th, 2012 – 3:30 PM until 7:00 PM

PRSCO Stocking Dealer Programs

April 12, 2012


PRSCO Stocking Dealer Programs  What are they? There are several product line offerings that PRSCO sets up for rock bottom pricing through our warehouse once we receive a commitment from a member yard.  What product lines are on the program? Drywall Attic folding stairs Gordon Celladoors (exterior basement doors) Masonite® slab doors Johns Manville® fiberglass […]

Energy Max and Smooth Operator

April 5, 2012


I know this might sound like a new movie title but these are really the names of two folding stair products Century Industries will be introducing and showing at PRSCO’s office and warehouse on April 24, 2012. Dealers and their personnel are welcomed to view the prototypes that Century will be rolling out in June. […]

Happy Passover and Happy Easter

April 4, 2012


Every holiday- serious or whimsical, Charlie Fox’s mother sends Charlie in with a little holiday goodie for the women in PRSCO’s office. Here’s what we received today. Isn’t it adorable?  We all know Charlie, of course, but we don’t know his mother and she doesn’t know us. So this little day brightener is that much […]

Fuel Surcharges – A Huge Sore Spot

April 3, 2012


Rising fuel prices and the resulting fuel surcharges are more than inconvenient; they’re irritating but have become a fact of life in the delivery of goods process. One of the problems is that there are no set rules to cover the rapid increases in fuel. Every company deals with it in a different way based […]