Demolition Can Be Fun – NestorBars

February 9, 2017


People like wrecking things and I admit, it’s kind of fun. Maybe it’s in our nature. I’m thinking about the kids on the beach destroying a newly built sand castle. Boys will be boys but in the meantime here’s a tool in two sizes (lengths) 36″ and 42″, in stock, that will make any demolition […]

The coolest thing since saddle plates

February 2, 2017


In the steel column world—this is the coolest thing since saddle plate accessories. Fixed length Lally Lock columns can now be adjusted. This base holds up to 55,000 pounds and we have these in stock.     The adjustable base set allows for a 3″ adjustment and is fastened to the column with concrete screws. […]

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Best LBM Trade Show in the Mid-Atlantic Region IDEAS 2017

February 1, 2017


The LBM IDEAS Trade show this March is right around the corner! If you are thinking about attending, you can sign up on-line here. Please stop by to see PRSCO at booth # 147 Over 170 Exhibits New Product Demos Free Food and Beverages Free CE courses for Architects Award-Winning Katz Road Show and more! click […]

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Scam Alert – January 2016

January 22, 2016


A New York lumber dealer recently has been the target of a similar “Canstruct” scam. If you are unfamiliar with the scam please click on the link to the story. Please be alert to the common signs to a potential scam. They hire and independent carrier to pick up materials who knows nothing about the […]

Big-Box Retailers’ Insidious Game

December 28, 2015


Big-Box Stores are even more illusory than we thought. Of course, we are prejudiced; we are owned and operated by Independent Lumber Dealers and support small business as a whole. What this linked article reveals, however, is a level of deception that goes way beyond, what on the surface, might seem like, fair competition, low […]


July 24, 2015



What Spandex Does For Clothes, ZipSystem Stretch Tape Does For Tricky Joints.

April 8, 2015


Tight clothes may really look good on some of us but personally I might have to hold my breath all day. Ugh! I love that stretch fabrics are used in clothes these days. I can move easily and not feel so constrained. Clothes that stretch with us, allows for deep cleansing breaths from our stomachs […]